last update Janualy 20, 2002

Do you know about Kaodashi-Signboards?

The person and the animal who represents the place are pictured in signboard. As for the signboard, the part of those faces is cut out. You can stick your face trough signboard and take photos.

It likes to take a photos while the Japanese person is seeing the sight of. It's a good idea to take a photo when you looking their. By being so, the mood as it became the person does us.

The signboard are often install by tourist shoper or film makers. Therefore, it is not the one to be found out the excursion place wherever it goes to. It is difficult to find.

I'm collecting photos of Kaodashi-signboard from around world.

The other day, I went to London but couldn't find it. Is there Kaodashi-signboard in the foreign country?


Display room
Gaoranger(Korakuen, Tokyo)
Yamabushi & Samurai(Ashigara, Kanagawa)
Samurai & Priest(Hokone, Kanagawa)
Princess Tatsuko(Lake-Tazawa,Akita)
Takeda Shingen4(Katsunuma, Yamanashi)
Ropeway(Syousenkyou-Valley, Yamanashi)
Takeda Shingen3(Syousenkyou-Valley, Yamanashi)
Takeda Shingen Takeda Shingen2 (Yamanashi)
Haneto Haneto 2 (Aomori) Haneto is a person at Nebuta festival splash who dances by circumference of float.
Namahage & Akita-Obako (the Oga Peninsula, Akita) Namahage is a hero of the festival of Akita. Akita-Obako is a woman in Akita.
Bemkei Bemkei 2 (Iwate)
Masamune Date (Miyagi)
The space flight man (NASDA, Ibaragi)
Beautiful women at the Meiji era (Hanno, Saitama)
Mr. Tora (Asakusa, Tokyo) He was a famous actor in Japan. He worked in this town when it was unpopular.
Fireman (Asakusa, Tokyo)
Fireman2 (Hasune, Tokyo)
The singer (Asakusa, Tokyo) His name is Taro Syoji who is famous singer in Japan.
Asian racoon (Asakusa, Tokyo)
Sazae-san (Setagaya, Tokyo)
Yukimura Sanada (Nagano)
Native American children (the Enoshima-Isl., Kanagawa)
Sumo wrestler (Ryogoku, Tokyo)
Koala (Takasaka, Saitama)
Kangaroo (Takasaka, Saitama)
Mitokoumon (Tomobe, Ibaragi)
Zenigata Heiji (Kanda, Tokyo)